Real Estate Conveyancing

Whether you are buying a house, condominium, townhouse or apartment, Park Real Estate Law Office is here to assist you with all your conveyancing needs.


Are you selling your home, and need a lawyer? No problem. Park Real Estate Law Office will help you and your family sell your home and discharge mortgage(s) at affordable legal costs.



Do you need a lawyer to draft your Will, Power of Attorney or Representation Agreement? Park Real Estate Law Office is here to assist with your estate planning needs, so you can be ready for unexpected events and have peace of mind.


In the event your loved one has passed away, Park Real Estate Law Office will guide you through your Probate Application, and advise you in your estate administration matters.



Wills & Estates Planning

Are you buying or selling your home?

Contact Park Real Estate Law Office today.

Are you restructuring your mortgage with different terms or simply need to increase the limit on your line of credit? Do you require a second mortgage? We will deal with the banks directly on your behalf to address your financing needs so your old mortgage may be replaced with new one that has rates and terms which make better sense for you financially. We offer competitive rates for re-financing of a mortgage so you can save your money on legal fees. 

Mortgage Re-financing

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